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The JP Circuit Breaker Show

Singapore ordered closure of all non-essential services

EPiCify Jul 31
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Since late March, Singapore has witnessed an increasing number of local cases. Despite government’s efforts in contact tracing, half of these cases remain unlinked. Even cases are identified to be linked, new clusters are forming locally, especially in foreigner worker dormitories and nursing home.

Therefore, the Government decided that tighter measures should be in place to break the infection chain as well as to reduce the risk of a big outbreak. Here it comes the Circuit Breaker. It was originally scheduled to last for four weeks, but was extended for another four weeks as on 21 April to further tighten the measures so as to achieve even lower number of unlinked cases. Although circuit breaker is not a full lockdown, it aims at reducing your travel out of your home. To put it simple, the policy rationale is to have everyone to stay at home as much as possible. Only go out for essentials and remember to practice safe distancing.


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