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Communication is the Key to the “Rebellious Generation” in Hong Kong

EPiCify Sep 24
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In these years, the young generation has been coined to describe those who behave radically in public. Such young people often express opposition to government policies in the form of protest, making this generation another world of rebellion. These behaviours can be explained by a lot of reasons.

In particular, the government’s failure to communicate with young people effectively deserves some words. To young people’s disappointment, their opinions appear to have been overlooked. It is recognized by all current and past Chief Executives in Hong Kong that the government was lagging behind in talking to youngsters. Had the authorities listened to their ideas, the young generation would have voiced their objections calmly.

That leads to the ultimate solution. Active listening. There are a lot that the government can do to engage in conversations with young people. One that many governments including Hong Kong haven’t done was to launch a one-stop shop website where public can obtain information on public consultation exercises and express their views. The government can then provide more resources to tackle and solve the long-accumulated problems of young people practically and promptly. For Singaporeans, People’s Association has been a unique solution to enhance the communication linkage between the government and the residents. This solution should also be applied to Hong Kong. It is after all the responsibilities of district officials to be more pro-active in reaching the public and strengthening this important tie between the government and the public.

There are a lot of solutions ahead which I cannot explain in just two minutes. But let me end by some words of wisdom – without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue. Communication is just the first step and I sincerely hope the Hong Kong Government could finally take this brave step forward one day.


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