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Being Single

EPiCify May 15
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How many of you are still single, no partner, haven’t dated, got engaged or married? Can you wave your hand in front of the screen? Walala… Men please stop waving your hand. Ladies, I am John Poon, a new member to the Island Toastmasters Club. Nice to meet you all! I am 25 years old, still single and ready to mingle.

Good evening, fellow Toastmasters. Actually I don’t have to ask this question because every time I got the pressure to answer this question. John, how old are you? 25. You still single? What’s wrong with you? When was the first time you are not single? 5 years old… So this pressure is real. Especially this is from the family.

This is my grandma trying to say. John, when will you get married? So as long as there is feeling, and both people come closer and then they start a relationship and then… shshsh…. How do you want it? Long, short hair; tall or short; chubby or slim… Hey grandma, I mentioned this you should like each other, love each other, talk more, and then… OK, all these are very important but after you get married. Or you now find one in those online meetings.

Then I came to realise that this is not only from the family. I even got this question when I started my internship. John, why are you still single? Come, the new colleague seems to look good, go talk to her. Or our boss – oh she got two kids . Oppsee…

I already feel like, right, now I am gonna talk to someone. Hey, don’t get me wrong about those pervert who just walks to someone and then talk to them about love, like your icebreaker speech project. But it is similar. Did anyone know the app Tantan? I always discriminate against people using these kind of apps. Every time I know someone using it? Hooker, until I use one by myself – oh it seems yes. You just look at the face and then swipe left or right, and just except for me who looks at the education background, hobbies, district… and finally when you can chat, the first sentence I get is – you are handsome and fit, and single? Are you a scam? To lighten up the mood, I would reply – Yes, it is a scam. I am more handsome than on the photo. Yup! And she stopped replying me thereafter. These kinds of apps even have a function to ask people to pay so that you know who are the hundreds of girls that swipe right and like me? I am not falling into it, or I still pay. But, no one is literally replying me. And then I uninstall the app.

To be frank, no one likes being single, or what people associated as “alone”, “lonely”. In a positive sense, you may say I still haven’t encountered anyone who can walk with me in the path of my life.

Imagine, every morning, when you just hope to get five more minutes to sleep before you really wake up? John! Wake up and cook breakfast for me! When it is during the weekend, you get another human alarm – John! Clean the table, wipe the floor, and take care of the bathroom – it is clogged!

Well, if you are single – just sit and relax, attend an online meeting with Island Toastmasters Club, clean your place when you feel like you need one… you won’t feel tired and you won’t brag about anything. Because, it is just you and only you.

Sometimes, people say you will get used to the life of being single. You either get used to it, or you get hurt by a relationship and then you won’t be able to get a new one. It is scary to think about having a relationship – and you don’t know how to meet and greet with someone.

Luckily, this doesn’t stop me from improving. You may doubt, get feared of the status quo. You may envy others because of their romantic relationship. However, you appreciate the wonder of being single. If there is a meaning associated with being single, this is freedom. It is lonely, but many may already forget the comfort, the relaxation and the freedom enjoyed by a single person – until and when time comes for the right lady, who may be one of them who just waved at the beginning. Back to you, Toastmasters of the Evening!

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